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(Week 3) June 13–17

Animals, Habitats, and Math Facts

Coed - All Day - June 13-16

Grades: 1st–5th Cost: $225 Time: 10:00 AM–2:30 AM

This camp will creatively engage students in science, math, and language arts through playful interaction with habitats. Each day will focus on a different habitat (ocean, desert, arctic, woodlands) and will begin with learning about the habitat, then listening to a story set in that habitat while campers illustrate a scene in that setting. Campers will then make a model of each habitat and will use that model for the setting of a story they will write. Throughout the day, there will be time to play outside, along with designated time for hands-on math games to review math facts. We will incorporate specific math facts into their habitat stories each day, with the goal of each camper “publishing” a story by the end of the week. (Note: campers will have the option of dictating or writing their story, depending on their ability.)